Allie Terrell

Hi my name is Allie Terrell. 

I am looking forward to the upcoming school year. This is my 6th year of teaching and all of those years have been on this campus. I truly feel like this is the best place to be. I am excited to be teaching math and science. Math is passion and what I am meant to teach. I hope to instill the love of learning to each of my students through engaging activities and reaching my students on a personal level. I try to make each of my students know they are important, feel loved, and know that they control their future. 

I attended UT Tyler and graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I am a mom to a very energetic and lively 5-year-old boy who attends Central also. I would have to say that my hobbies are spending time with him and making as many memories as possible.  

Ms. Terrell’s Schedule


7:30-7:45 Unpack/Morning Work

7:45-7:55 Announcements

7:55-9:05 Math (Terrell’s HR)

9:05-9:10 Restroom Break/Snack

9:10-10:00 Science (Terrell’s HR)

10:00-10:05 Switch Classes

10:05-11:15 Math (Stewart’s HR)

11:15-11:20 Restroom

11:20-12:15 Science (Stewart’s HR)

12:15-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1:15 Recess

1:15-2:10 Rotations

2:10-2:15 Restroom Break

2:15-3:00 Intervention

 (Mon-Tues Stewart’s, Wed-Fri Terrell’s)

3:00-3:05 Clean Up/Pack Up

3:05 Car Dismissal

3:20 Bus/Daycare/Aftercare Dismissal